The time pours out the youth, and the years are like ink and lingering fragrance.

Release date:2020-05-10 14:53:00
In my favorite "Please Answer 1988", there is a story about my mother. Every time I see it, I can't help crying. It describes my mother like this:
I heard that God can't be everywhere, so I created a mother. At her age, she is still the patron saint of her mother.  The word "mother" just calls and touches the heartstrings.  Mom, she is still very strong.
Mother's Day is coming.
You might as well spend two minutes quietly thinking about it.
What was the topic of the last conversation with my mother?
What is mother's favorite food?
What makes mom happiest?
Have you ever told your mother that you love her?
The sun is warm and the breeze is gentle.
As warm as a mother's love.
In daily life,
You may be ashamed to say "love" in your mouth.
But some feelings should be spoken out loud.
Confess to mother
Let the warmth live in mother's heart!
Work and life sometimes make us anxious.
Even if you can't tell your mother,
As long as you hear her voice, it will vanish.
There will be an incentive to fight again.
On Mother's Day,
Maybe you can't be with your mother,
But there are many ways to express love.
A gift, a little token,
A phone call, a greeting,
Mom always wants something simpler than you think ~
Tell mom loudly "I love you" ~
Wanshan group wishes all mothers in the world.
In good health,
Happy happy every day ~

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