In order to improve the living environment of the community's residents, we invested 230 million yuan to build a new community, Wanshan Mountain City. The first and second phases of the community built 14 garden houses with a total of more than 360 households. The community fully draws on traditional Chinese gardening techniques and combines natural landscapes in the East with classic landscape architecture in the West to form a multi-layered and multi-functional ecological community with the Greening theme of "Hundreds of Mountains and Red Flowers Blooming". Community service centers, parks, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, sports fields, etc. have been basically completed. Now it has become an ecological life town that integrates life, culture, entertainment and other functions, and is rated as "provincial garden residential area" .
  In order to enrich the cultural and recreational life of the community residents, an elderly activity center and a cultural entertainment center are established in the community to encourage and guide the broad masses of the community to carry out colorful cultural activities. Each year, more than 8 million yuan is sponsored for activity funds and Many elderly people over the age of 60 pay a monthly living subsidy of 500 yuan, so that the elderly in the community can be supported and enjoyed by the elderly, and received unanimous praise from the community residents and society.


Social Assistance  

  In 2018, under the influence of typhoons "Capricorn" and "Wenbia", our county suffered from floods and floods that have not been encountered for many years. There was great love in front of the catastrophe. In the face of the disaster during the flood season, the group donated more than 10 million yuan for Post-disaster reconstruction work, and donated 4 bridges through the Changle Young Entrepreneurs Association. This piece by piece reflects the original intention of Wanshan Group's "development of the enterprise and dedication to the society" and its responsibility and responsibility to return home and return to the society!